Sunday, August 30, 2009

Everybody needs an Erin Tueller in their life...

I went down to Provo this week- it was fun but I just don't think I will ever be a fan of good ole P town :) I went and visited my friend Erin. She is inspiring! If I have the character of this girl in the next 5 years I will be happy with life.

Everyone needs a friend like Erin Tueller

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

EFY, Weddings, Mission Call, and random...I LOVE MY LIFE!

Des Moines, Iowa... HERE I COME, YAY!

We do everything... together :)

It was so neat to be able to share such both life changing experiences with eachother this past week. I was able to go through the temple Wednesday night and receive my endowment and Angie was able to be there with me. Afterwards we went home and opened thee ole mission call which just topped off the spiritual experience I had just had at the temple. On Friday I was then able to go through the temple with Angie and be at her sealing. What a miracle it has all been. We have been able to support eachother and be in attendance at 2 of the most incredible moments of our lives.. The lord really does love us.

Thursday, April 2, 2009


AN EXPERIENCE NEVER TO FORGET...............................

The Riverwalk!!!

Having a little fun with our moms shopping!!

Sister Hernandez! Neat lady!!!!

On the plane... ready to have some fun!

This episode was ridiculous our moms bought like 35 bottles of Rudy's sauce from Texas and the airport wouldn't let it go on the plane and so we tried everything, prewrapping it, putting our clothes in other suitcases, switching bags, ahhhhh.. Me and Ang were laughing so hard but our mom's didn't think it was very funny.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Happy day of birth Emily!!!! It was Emily's b-day so we through her a party.. a random 90's party anyways...we went to wal mart and purchased us some white t-shirts and wrote on the front of them "do you Y2K?" Because people were freakin out in 1999 about the world coming to an end so we thought it would be funny.... as for the beanies, they were 97 cents. The socks... well they were just cool thats all. I love Em and couldn't ask for a better roommate. She's amazing and I hope she had a great 21st birthday. Oh and ps. Abbey, another roommate of mine, put 72 candles on this b-day cake as a joke of how old Emily is getting.. sick.

My bomb dot com roomies: Emily, Jen, Me, Angie, Ashton and Abbey.

Beginning of our dance party................................

I love these girls. Need I say more?

Floranopolis, Brazil?

B got her mission call in the mail Wednesday morning and waited until her family and friends she invited got to her house around 8:00 that night. This is her right before she opened it up.... where is she going???????? She said she'd be happy with whereever ofcourse but she would be most excited if she couldn't pronounce the place of where she was going!!!! haha.

FLORANOPOLIS, BRAZIL!!!!! PORTUGESE SPEAKING! She got what she wanted and couldn't prounounce that F word for the life of her. I was so happy for her and was grateful to share that neat experience with her.

What a great missionary this girl is going to make, way to go b!

Harlom Globtrotters..... say what?

Obviously I was important enough for them to take a pic of me with my WHOLE face in it. haha

So Me and Ang drove down to Utah for a couple days last week and It was so great to be able to spend some time with the fam. Mom took us all to the harlom globtrotters game which was interesting... ha ha. BUT FUN! I love my mom and all that she does to try and make me happy. I'm def. a blessed girl! And.. it was so good to see and spend time with Kaylee. She's always so fun to be around and me and Ang had such a great time hanging out with that cute face at the game!

We are just........ good dancers. need I say more? We know how to entertain each other thats for dang sure.

Check out Kaylee's face in this video... priceless.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


JUST THOUGHT i'D LET YOU ALL KNOW I WILL BE IN TEXAS, YES YOU HEARD IT, TEXAS NEXT MONTH FOR A WEEK! Ang, me, mom, and Ang's mom are going back to where Angie served her mission and visiting the people she taught. I'm so excited! And lately Angie has had so much TEXAS PRIDE its almost ridiculous. but funny. Anyways so this picture is of us right after we got our flight tickets online and Angie insisted on wearing her Texas hat. You can count on me coming home with a real "don't mess with Texas t-shirt" too.

BYU-I. Home away from Home


I have loved every minute up here at BYU-I. Its just a great place to be with amazing people all around you. I love my roommates. They are all so amazing and fun and you can bet I'll be posting some serious fun pictures sooner or later of us all. There are six of us living together and we all add something different... its great :)

My room- room mate Angie is pretty much what you call bomb dot com. Thats an understatment. Love the girl. She has made me such a better person already. We've set some serious new years resolution goals together and its been fun (and hard) I might add but we've done so good. My track for school doesn't start until April but I'm just trying to find a job now and me and Ang have been a................. hittin up the gym, volunteering and part of the BYU-I service commitee (we've got a dang fun retreat this weekend), handing out flyers for Angie's work, random stuff every day. Well I will update sooner or later.. hopefully sooner.. ha ha. Much love to you all!


So after comp was done I had to say goodbye to my great 14 girls and start life up in good ole Rexburg, Idaho! I loved every minute with them and was so grateful for the opportunity I had working with them. Although I'm not a fan of the ridiculous prank voicemails I get from them now and then, I do appreciate that they still use my material... haha.


What can I say I'm a lifesaver...................

Take a wild guess where we are at? ............................... Oh dont you worry, we are sticking half our bodies out of Emily's sun roof in her car with tempatures reaching an all time low of like 6 degrees and snow blowing in our face at 50 mph. Ha ha okay it isn't that cool but you would never guess that unless I told you............


LOOK AT THIS SNOW.........................

This way on our way to Island Park at B's grandparents house. It was so much fun! We had such a great time snowmobiling, watching movies, talking, eating, and just being ourselves. I love being around this girl because she makes life the fun it's suppose to be. Bre just turned in her mission papers and we decided to do one last fun trip together with two other fun girls Whitley and Emily! I will miss B and her sweet spirit. She is an example we can all look up to. So for now... Postpone your mission call as long as possible B so we can meet up at the MTC together! Love your guts.